Reconstructed Stockade

Reconstructed Stockade

Annual Meeting

The annual membership meeting will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019, at the Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson - same place as last year. Hor d’oeuvre at 5:30, dinner at 6:00, followed by business meeting and program. Details coming later, but set aside the date now.

New Books

Wisconsin State Parks.jpg

Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History. An extraordinary overview of Wisconsin's natural history, from ancient sea beds to volcanoes to glacial masses, over millions of years. Written in a style that is accessible to everyone, author Scott Spoolman shows how the current Wisconsin landscape developed from eons of geological upheavals and weathering. The book, which includes a section on Aztalan State Park, is available for sale at the park trailer. Also, Mr Spoolman will be signing copies on Aztalan Day, July 15 (see the Events schedule).

Indian Mounds of Wis 2d Ed.png

New Edition of Indian Mounds of WisconsinThe University of Wisconsin Press has published a new edition of the popular Indian Mounds of Wisconsin written by archaeologists and mound experts Robert Birmingham and Amy Rosebrough. First published in 2000, the new edition contains much new and updated material and images. The book includes exciting new research and information on the spectacular effigy mounds, an archaeological world wonder, and the great Mississippian civilization as represented by the ancient town of Aztalan near Lake Mills, among other topics. The cover of the book features a photograph of platform mounds at Aztalan State park taken by Dan Seurer of Lake Mills. A lengthy appendix provides an expanded list of ancient Indian mound sites that can be easily visited by the public. Books are available at the park trailer.

Membership and Volunteering

The Friends of Aztalan State Park are an active group dedicated to the promotion, upkeep, and enhancement of a unique ancient Native American ceremonial and residential Native American town established in 1100 AD.

More Information on joining the Friends of Aztalan, volunteering, and our activities.


Donations for the Aztalan Interpretive Center are greatly appreciated and will contribute to its success. Elizabeth Parker has generously extended her matching donation through 2018 to help build the much needed visitor center at the park. Her match is a dollar for dollar donation for monies raised by the Friends of Aztalan State Park. The matching donation comes from the trusts of George S. Parker II of the Parker Pen Company, Janesville WI. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate to the Friends of Aztalan Interpretive Center using our secure online form.

A small percentage of your purchases at will go toward educational activities at the park. Click the box below and select Friends of Aztalan State Park as your designated charity.

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Interpretive Center

In September 2014 The Friends of Aztalan State Park awarded the RFP for initial design of the Interpretive Center.

In July 2015 Dimension IV Madison Design Group submitted its final design report.

In 2016 The Friends of Aztalan State Park solicited ideas for the design of interpretive displays in the Interpretive Center.

In 2017 The Friends of Aztalan State Park sent a RFP for interior design of the Interpretive Center.

The Friends will also be hosting fund raisers to provide funds for the remaining phases of constructing the Interpretive Center. See the Events page for dates and places of upcoming fund raisers.

This is an exciting new milestone for the Friends group.  Interested parties will be invited to participate in in-person and on-line discussion and survey sessions to help make this project a success.  

Check back often for information on how you can participate in these sessions, and to follow the progress of our efforts to bring this project to fruition.

More Information on Interpretive Center.

 Mounds on Ridge above the village.

Mounds on Ridge above the village.

Upcoming Events

June - Sept, 2018
Free Public Tour every Sunday at 2:00pm weather permitting

Note: No excavations are scheduled for this year.

Fund Raisers will highlight recent discoveries at the site, including the geomagnetic survey map. Check later for dates and details.

Previous events:


May 20, 2018. Spring Walking Tour.

May 30 - June 23, 2017. Excavations at the park.

June 16, 2017. Organized tours of the excavations.

June 21, 2018. Summer Solstice celebration at the park.

July 15, 2018. Aztalan Day at the Park
In conjunction with the Lake Mills-Aztalan Historical Society annual Aztalan Day festival. 

August 19, 2018. Aztalan Picnic, with Native American food samples.

August 19, 2017. Native American Day. Omeyocan Dance Group.

September 24, 2017. Annual Field Trip to Trempealeau Mississippian mounds and Perrot State Park museum.

Feb 9-11, 2018. Garden Expo in Madison.

Group tours

Tours can be arranged for adults and schools. Call Bob Birmingham at (608) 241-4958 or email for more information.

Recent Field Work

May - mid-June, 2016, and Mid-May - June 27, 2017.
UW-Madison Field School

Further excavations of the ancient structures in the residential area at Aztalan. More information on the Fieldwork Blog.  Information about the Schroeder Archaeology Lab.

May 26 - June 19, 2015
UW-Madison Field School

Excavated ancient structures in the residential area at Aztalan and conducted GPR and Magnetometry in areas where the techniques haven't been used before. More information here.