Walking Tour Trail Signs

This gallery replaces the one from last year, which included photos I took while walking the trail (and included glare, shadow, and bird poop). Thanks to Dreux Watermolen, who provided the master graphics from which the signs were made.

Start at the lower parking lot / picnic area. Take the trail to the right heading north. The sign photos are ordered for a counter-clockwise tour of the site, ending back at the picnic area. The last three signs stand alone at the upper parking lot / picnic area.

All photos courtesy of Dreux J. Watermolen, Bureau of Environmental Analysis and Sustainability, DNR

All 21 images are included in a single PDF file which you can view, download, or print freely. NOTE: This file is a bit more than 7 Mb in size.

Walking Tour of Aztalan:

This guide, previously produced in 1995, has been rewritten to include what we have learned since then about Aztalan. Free printed copies are available at the park kiosks and trailer. You can also download a PDF file.