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Native American Day

A tribute to Native American culture at the park. This year it will be the Omeyocan Dance Company (Aztec Dancers. Wikipedia: Omeyocan is the highest of thirteen heavens in Aztec mythology.)

Nineteenth century speculation on the nature of the ancient Native American town of Aztalan in Wisconsin asserted that it was the homeland of the Aztecs of Mexico and thus the name Aztalan is derived from the Aztec name for the homeland. Subsequent archaeological research established that this is not the case and that it was instead a northern town of an indigenous civilization archaeologists call Mississippian that grew along the banks of the Mississippi River in Illinois and expanded throughout eastern North American. Nevertheless, the Mississippians shared many customs and beliefs found throughout the Americas in ancient times such as the establishment of agriculturally based towns and cities with large flat topped structures used for religious and other purposes. Corn or maize, the basis of the Mississippian agricultural economy, was also first domesticated in Mexico and later spread northward into what is the United States

To highlight the many different pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas, the Friends of Aztalan State Park have invited the well-known Omeyocan Dance Company of Milwaukee to perform traditional Aztec dances in spectacularly colorful regalia on Saturday, August 19. The company's mission is to celebrate and share Mexico's colorful cultural history through dance, music and costumes. The performance will be begin at 1:00 PM near the park shelter at the second parking lot in the southwestern part of Aztalan State Park. The park is located on County Highway Q, one mile east of Lake Mills.

The event itself is free, but visitors will need a Wisconsin State Park daily admission pass or annual sticker and these can be purchased at the park. For further information, contact Friends of Aztalan Executive Director Bob Birmingham at 608-516-3421 or